The SZR-9 device is used for automatic stand-by supply switching-on in the 400/230 V AC switchgears working in circuits with supplemental reserve, spinning reserve or a diesel generator. The device online controls voltages on individual incoming feeders and busses of sections, as well as readiness of the breakers The incoming feeder on which a loss or drop of voltage is noticed is considered to be defective and hence disconnected. Shut down of this incoming feeder results with activation of the SZR device and automatic sequence of switches aiming at power supply continuity for the busses of the section. Additional equipment of the device enables as well steering and controlling the switchgear:

  • the colour LCD touch screen on the front panel enables preview of work of the switchgear as well as steering and basic configuration,
  • internal events recorder,
  • aset of programmable, multicolour diodes signalling information defined by the user.