Zakład Produkcyjny Aparatury Elektrycznej Sp. z o.o. w Siemianowicach Śląskich provides production, assembly and measurement services for the power industry.

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Our company has been operating since 1995. We specialize in the production of protection and control equipment, prefabrication of sets of protection panels, metering panels and control panels as well as complete systems of auxiliary power supply panels for power substations.

We have our own production facilities in Siemianowice Śląskie. Our specialists have all necessary licenses to perform services offered by the company. We have an in-house design and construction offices and a modern machinery park, which in connection with qualified staff allows us to execute all, even highly specific, orders.

Focusing on quality of our products and services, we have implemented Integrated Quality, Environmental, Safety Management Systems and Information Security Management System in accordance with ISO 9001, 14001, 45001 and 27001.

Our products regularly undergo attestation tests and have certificates of suitability for use in the power system issued by authorized institutions. Following the latest global trends in information technology, we have established cooperation with international attestation laboratories in order to confirm that our solutions meet strict requirements set by international standards.

Using entrepreneurship support programs and our own resources, we constantly modernize and expand our machinery park and laboratories. Modern surface assembly line of electronic components, CNC machine tools or microprocessor protection testers are some of solutions facilitating production and development of our Company.

Busbar and breaker failure protection systems for HV grid power substations are our flagship products, fully designed and produced in-house. Protections type TSL/TL/TS of various generations work in hundreds of national switching substations (400, 220 and 110 kV). These systems are individually designed for the specific busbar arrangement and can be made for simple “H-arrangements”, for multi-system busbar with transfer buses as well as busbar unconventionally arranged.

We have extensive experience in the design and manufacture of emergency signalling systems for power substations. Our signalling systems MSA-type are used for newly built and modernised substations as well as for older stations where old, exploited devices are changed for modern ones. Substations having our signalling system gain a clear disturbance visualization system enabling transmission of signals to the control system over digital channels as well as recording of these signals.

We offer development, production, assembly and commissioning of auxiliary power supply switchgears for the substation’s own needs. We suggest to equip AC switchgears with automatic stand-by switching-on system SZR-type of our make and the DC auxiliary power supply with an earth-fault monitoring system KDZ-type also of our make. In recent years, we have focused on expanding the list of offered devices, successfully introducing to the market an RZS-type disturbance recorder, which is now operating on many objects of the national power system. Our latest achievement is the development and positive certification of a series of bay protections for the 400/220/110 kV network TZX- type. The series includes ground fault protection, transformer differential protection, distance protection of the line, and further also a longitudinal differential protection of the line. Our protections and other devices have the ability to communicate with control systems through different physical layers of serial connections and communication protocols. We implement communication in ZP-6 (proprietary) protocol, IEC 870-5-103 protocol, as well as in accordance with the latest IEC-61850 edition 1 and 2.


The family of RE-Line auxiliary relays manufactured by us are broadly used in the electric power automation systems. The RSH-3 switching relay developed and patented by us is a fast and reliable element that can safely control the coils of the circuit breaker. This device has been launched to production in 2005 and initiated development of a wide range of auxiliary relays. Currently, the line covers about 25 different types. The RE-Line relays are supplemented by auxiliary equipment, including a specially designed socket for their assembly GZ14Z- type, which, along with the R8614Z rack, ensures reliable and convenient assembly and subsequent operation of relays in 19" frames.

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Our RD-50 and RD-50-30 resistors sets designed for increasing load in circuits of the measuring transformers are very well known. We stand out from other manufacturers in such a way, that apart from delivery of the device we are also able to help in the selection and calculation of the system parameters, providing together with the devices also a calculation protocol.

Regardless of the production activity, we design secondary circuits for power facilities, provide post-assembly, periodic and failback tests of the protection equipment of our make as well as of other manufacturers. We specialize in servicing busbar and breaker failure protections of different types, automation and signalling systems as well as auxiliary power supply switchgears.

For years, we have been constantly expanding the range of manufactured devices and services provided, based on the operational experience and suggestions from our clients. We strive to meet the demands of the power grid market through constant cooperation with designing offices and operating services of power stations. The production of our equipment is based on the top-end materials and components supplied by reputable global and domestic producers. Testing and service is carried out by professionals with extensive experience, using specialized measuring equipment. With our work we want to show that domestic producers and our technical solutions do not differ in quality from leading global corporations, having an additional advantage of short time to response to market needs and flexibility in customizing devices to individual customer needs. Our efforts have been recognized, and we are winners of industry and national awards, and medals obtained at the Power Industry fairs. However, we particularly appreciate the opinions from recipients of our products and services expressed in references obtained and confirmed by subsequent orders.