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Zakład Produkcyjny
Aparatury Elektrycznej Sp. z o.o.

our offer


Protection for electric power system facilities, automation and control equipment, auxiliary relays, cabinets, and many more.



We project circuits for power system substations, we assemble, test and diagnose protection devices in power system objects... and if needed we can fix it



How and why does the busbar protection work, how should the operation algorithm of circuit-breaker back-up system look like, and how of the automatic stand-by switching-on.



Zakład Produkcyjny Aparatury Elektrycznej Sp. z o.o. w Siemianowicach Śląskich provides production, assembly and measurement services for the power industry.

about us

Our company has been operating since 1995. We specialize in the production of protection and control equipment, prefabrication of sets of protection panels, metering panels and control panels as well as complete systems of auxiliary power supply panels for power substations.


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