Quality Policy

The basic idea ZPrAE is to ensure that customers receives a product or service in line with expectations, of very high quality, in due time and at the agreed price.
In aiming at this goal and to obtain best opinions from our clients the Company has placed the following objectives:

High standard of products and services.

The company's production is dedicated for a demanding market of power energetics, and therefore:
products must be characterized by reliability and precision of execution,
services rendered with accuracy and precission
products must distinguish from our competitors’ with high aesthetic.

Flexibility, versatility, punctuality.

Most of the production is based on unit projects, products are largely unique, specific, and therefore:
machine park consists of universal equipment,
a wide range of accessories and tools must be held,
gradual replenishment or renewal of machinery
technologies used and stock levels allow accepting and rapid implementation of the most unusual orders from the power sector.

Knowledge and experience.

For the operation of the unit production according to various projects the experience gained through many years of practice and theoretical knowledge are essential. Therefore:
the core of the crew are experienced personnel,
continuous recruitment of young employees, bringing an understanding of modern technology,
senior management, the development and maintenance divisions maintains contact with clients and designers in order to coordinate actions taken, and be able to suggest solutions.

Continuous improvement.

The principle of continuous improvement of QMS in accordance with the applicable ISO 9001:2015, implemented by the company in practice, is an important element to ensure proper smooth product completion process.