The MSA-24i B/C/D blocks are meant for optical and acoustic signalling of operation of protections, as well as signalling failures and interferences in work of devices operating in the power and industrial objects. The devices enable creating grouped signals accordingly to operators’ needs, as well as for multiplication of chosen signals for the remote signalling purposes. Those devices are successfully used in power stations and substations as a basic signalling systems, providing the personnel with precise and fast information on appearing threats, operation of protections or failures.


The MSA-24i B/C/D blocks are independent, totally autonomic devices, with their own internal power supply, blinking light generator, probe and reset pushbuttons as well as a small internal acoustic signalisation. The devices have been designed in a way, that they can be used in mimic tables, to replace old, exploited electromechanical signalling blocks. 

As compared to MSA-12 the MSA-24 increased number of inputs and signalling diodes to 24. The „B” version of MSA-24 has one same junction and its addresses as the older version - MSA-12A, and the second one enabling steering of further 12 signals. The “C” version has two junctions enlarged to 18-pins, what enables separating the supply circuit, and division of incoming circuits into four, isolated groups. It enables supply of the device with an supply voltage independent from the signalling voltages. The “D” version has an additional internal relay card, as in more complex signalling devices. It enables grouping and generation of bulk signals Aw(Aw1)/Al(Ww2) Up. The “D” versions additionally has a communication port enabling configuration and monitoring of the signalling block.